Long-Delayed PS4 Game Wild Still Alive As Developer Is Hiring For New Positions

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For the better part of a decade now, Wild Sheep Studios' mysterious PS4 game Wild has been missing-in-action, with nothing showcased since 2015.

Despite continued reports from the studio and suggestions that Sony is still funding the game fans have begun to believe that the game is dead.

Well, it turns out Wild is still very much alive as Wild Sheep Studio are hiring for multiple positions, including a Level Artist, which specifically mentions working on Wild.

That posting also says the person would work on level art from various parts of the world "from early stage to polish", which could suggest that the game is still years away if new areas are being created.

Other positions currently going include a Graphics Programmer, a Senior Gameplay Programmer, a Senior Engine Programmer, and a Tools/Pipeline Programmer.

None of the other job listings offers anything particularly meaty, but you can see the listings here from the developer's official website.

Announced in 2014, Wild originally had Michel Ancel behind it, who had helped create the Rayman franchise and Beyond Good & Evil.

However, he left the games industry in September 2020 to work on a wildlife sanctuary but said that Wild was in capable hands.

Who knows when we might end up seeing Wild again in action but chances are it won't be anytime soon.

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