Is Lawn Mowing Simulator On PS5/PS4?

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Curve Digital's upcoming simulator game is making marks as it rolls out and showcases more of what it is offering and a question being raised right now is "Is Lawn Mowing Simulator on PS5 And PS4?"

We are going to answer just that in this article:

Is Lawn Mowing Simulator On PS5/PS4?


No, Lawn Mowing Simulator is not currently on PS5 or PS4 in any kind of demo form and a release on either of these platforms isn't planned either.

The game is currently available in demo for on Xbox Series S/X and PC, with the full release of the simulation game set to arrive in Summer 2021 for PC, and Xbox Series S/X.

However, there is a chance it could come to PS4 and PS5 down the line, once it initially releases on these platforms.

In case you haven't heard of Lawn Mowing Simulator yet, the game is from Skyhook Games, who previously helped out on development of Switchblade and Destruction AllStars.

Lawn Mowing Simulator will offer a roster of licensed lawn mowers from manufacturers like "Toro, SCAG, and STIGA", having you manage your own lawn mowing business in the Great British countryside.

Complete with a career mode, free mode, and challenge mode, there is a lot to try out and play around with when the game launches in Summer 2021.