How to transfer PS4 data to PS5?

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First off, congratulations on owning that shiny new PS5 console!

So we guess the next question you'll be asking once you've unboxed it and set it up, is how you go about transferring all your PS5 data over to your new PS5?


Considering it plays pretty much everything you had on you PS4 - bar 11 games - it's certainly worth transferring over any data and games you might have.

So how do you do it? Thankfully, Sony has all the answers in their quick start guide, which we've grabbed for you, just underneath.

Want more tips? Keep reading for a full rundown of everything to help you get started.

How to transfer PS4 data to PS5?

Transfer data from a PS4 console to your PS5 console

Connect your PS4 console and PS5 console to the same network to transfer data such as game save data, user information, and downloaded content.

If you have a USB drive that you've been using as extended storage for your PS4 console, you can continue using it by simply connecting it to your PS5 console.


Use the same account you created on a PS4 console

There's no need to create a new account for your PS5 console. Just sign in with your existing account and your game history, trophies, profile, and any exchanges you've had with friends will transfer to your PS5 console.

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