How to connect Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to PS4

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The rise of wireless headphones has emerged and continues to spark due to the comfort these devices give especially to gamers who are keen on playing using consoles.

But it’s not only the comfort that makes the wireless headphones so popular but also the quality of sound it can produce as well. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus which is one of the Korean-based company’s entry into this rising aspect of the wearable gadgets industry.

Although, there are still some consoles that do not have a direct capability to cater to the likes of these wireless headphones. The PS4 is one of those. But there are ways in which Galaxy Buds Plus could somehow be connected with the PS4, thanks to the help of a third-party device.

So do not worry and we got you covered. We have listed on this guide how you can connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to PS4.

Connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to PS4 via Bluetooth Transmitter

The Bluetooth transmitter is a third-party device that can be used to connect the Galaxy Buds Plus to the PS4 console. This is plugged into the latter’s USB port while being connected to the former through Bluetooth.

You may find yours in various online stores, and it’s really not that expensive to buy.

Use the Bluetooth Transmitter to connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to PS4

If you have the Bluetooth transmitter already, plug it into the PS4’s USB port located at the front part of the console. Have it set on pairing mode.

Place the Galaxy Bids Plus on your ears then press and hold the touchpad of both the Buds. This will let both Buds enter the pairing mode as well.


Afterward, the PS4 will pop up a message indicating that both devices are now connected to each other. You may now enjoy using the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus while playing games on your PS4.

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