How to Connect AirPods to PS5

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The AirPods has been Apple’s Bluetooth headset entry since 2016. It can cater to almost any device that has a Bluetooth function, but it may not be the case for the PS5 console.

To put things simply, you cannot directly connect the AirPods to the PS5. It may not be as easy as turning on the Bluetooth function of both devices.

Luckily thanks to the continuous growth of technology, there are ways how to make both the AirPods and PS5 compatible with each other. This is through the involvement of a third-party device which makes sure the two devices will eventually work together.

With that being said, here’s how you can connect the AirPods to the PS5 console.

Connect the AirPods to PS5 via Bluetooth Adapter

The Bluetooth adapter will be the third-party device used to connect the AirPods to the PS5. These adapters vary depending on how you can use them. Some are plugged in the USB ports of the actual PS5 console, in the PS5 controller’s headphone jack, or in the USB ports of the TV where the PS5 is connected.

You can purchase these adapters for $50 or less and are available in gadgets accessories stores everywhere.

Use the Bluetooth Adapter to connect the AirPods to PS5

If you already have the Bluetooth adapter, you should first connect it depending on where it must be plugged. Once done, proceed by turning on the Bluetooth adapter’s pairing mode.

You may then pair the Bluetooth adapter to the AirPods by opening and holding the button on the AirPod’s case while the headset is placed inside. If the light turns on and does not blink anymore, then the AirPods are now connected to the adapter.


You can now use the AirPods while navigating through your PS5.

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