PS5 Games Could Come To Playstation Now, According to New Patent

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent which could potentially bring PS5 games to PlayStation Now, their cloud-based subscription service.

Letting players stream and/or download PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, Sony's new-gen console has been missing in action since launching in November 2020. However, as spotted by DualShockers, a recently published patent was filed under the name "Ultra High-Speed Low-Latency Network Storage".

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PS5 Games Could Come To Playstation Now, According to New Patent

Within this patent, the abstract provided states:

Non-volatile memory over fabric (NVMe-oF) is used to stream video, computer games, and the like to client devices from network storage embodied by solid state storage devices (SSDs). To provide for redundancy, multiple copies of a single piece of content, e.g., a computer game or video file, are stored on multiple SSDs. To provide information to address the block-level storage based on a client demand for the content, a data structure correlates each content with the SSDs and related block numbers at which the content is stored. Sourcing of the content as it is being streamed may be dynamically switched between SSDs to provide for load balancing or loss of a SSD.

In this instance, NVME drives are significant because they're the same storage drive used within PS5 consoles. If this patent goes ahead, that'd use multiple NVME drives to stream games. Though only recently published, Sony first filed this in April, suggesting progress is well underway.

As with any patents, its worth remembering they don't guarantee a specific feature will be implemented, just that a company's exploring one particular option. PS5 games on PS Now likely won't occur anytime soon, but we'll keep you updated if that changes.