Can You Connect a PS5 DualSense Controller To a PS4?

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We get it, just because your PS5 is brand new that doesn’t mean you want to abandon your old PS4 just yet!

Maybe you don’t have PS Plus and can’t transfer saves over, or maybe you’re having to wait for your new console to set up and download your game library.

Perhaps, and we can’t even bear to think it, you don’t have a PS5 yet and just got a DuaSense…

Whatever the reason you’re trying to do it, here’s how to connect a PS5 controller to your PS4.


How to connect your DualSense to a PS4

So we’re going to be honest with you here, this isn’t easy.

Achieving the feat of playing games on your PS4 with a DualSense has way too many extra steps.

But if you’ve read this far, we aren’t going to convince you not to try it, so here’s our guide. Thanks to our friends at Stealth Optional for their help!

Step 1 - Grab your DualSense, PS4 and a PC or laptop

Step 2 - Download the PS Remote Play app onto your computer

Step 3 - After following the prompts, use the PS Remote Play to connect to your PS4


Step 4 - Connect your PS5 controller to your computer using a USB cable, and connect it to the Remote Play app

Step 5 - Now you can achieve greatness, with the app running you can now control your PS4 with a DualSense, from your computer…

And there you have it.

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So okay, we know this isn’t the solution we were all hoping for but what did you expect?

Unfortunately, you won’t be getting all the haptic feedback and other snazzy new functions with this option but you can still post the picture on Twitter or Reddit and get all the internet points you could ask for!

Then maybe go back to just playing PS4 games on your PS5 instead, here’s our guide on that in case you didn’t know it was an option!