Team Asobi Are Hiring For A New 3D Action Game

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Following their work on PlayStation 5 launch title Astro's Playroom, Team Asobi's seen a significant restructure these last few months. Spun-off from Sony's Japan Studio and becoming a standalone team, it looks like Team Asobi's begun hiring for their next upcoming project.

As spotted by Gaming Route, Team Asobi was seen posting a job listing to PlayStation's LinkedIn page, which will be a 3D action game. Within this listing, that confirms they're seeking a level designer to create "a variety of levels for a 3D action game, each providing great tempo and creative situations."

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Team Asobi Are Hiring For A New 3D Action Game

Under the responsibilities section, this listing discusses bringing "creativity and humor", leading to speculation this'll be a new Astro game. While Team Asobi previously confirmed they're working on a new game - advising they've experimented with the DualSense controller - details about this project remain unknown.

Considering Astro's Playroom acted as a demo for Sony's new controller, it stands to reason this could be a direct sequel. However, with PS5 VR on the horizon, Team Asobi could also be planning a sequel to PSVR entry Astro Bot Rescue Mission. For now, we'll have to wait for further details.