Rumor: PlayStation Will Reveal A New Remake This Holiday Season

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and a new VGC report says PlayStation has a big present for all of us in the form of an unannounced remake. The reveal comes from folk singer Éabha McMahon, aka Ava, in an interview on Irish radio station WLR FM.

She said:

“I just recently wrote a song for a PlayStation game with Michael McGlynn. That actually happened about a year and a half ago, it was just as the pandemic hit.
Michael got in touch and just said ‘listen, we’re writing music for a remake of a PlayStation game, and he does that a lot, he’s done a lot of writing for different games that are very well-known but I’m actually not a gamer myself."

McGlynn's group ANÚNA is known for a number of orchestral and vocal arrangements and contributed to both Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Diablo 3.

Ava also stated that she was really involved in writing the lyrics of the song especially in "lyric-writing in the Irish language."

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A' Big Game' Is Set To Be Announced By PlayStation This Christmas, A Singer-Songwriter Says

McGlynn's wife and daughter, where the former arranged the choral parts while the latter sang on the track, which prompted some speculation from VGC that the remake could be a Xenogears remake.

Yasunori Mitsuda, composer for Chrono Trigger and other Xeno games, receently posted a picture of McGlynn and his daughter recording music on Twitter. However, that's certainly not proof of anything beyond the idea the two are collaborating for something in general. Mitsuda is also working on the soundtrack for indie RPG Sea of Stars, so he's not bound to his classic projects.

The Game Awards takes place December 9, and it's likely we'll learn more about the project then, whatever it is.

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