PlayStation Plus Subscriber Count Drops For The First Time

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Sony's August line-up for PlayStation Plus went live yesterday. Offering Hunter's Arena: Legends (PS5), Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighbourville (PS4) and Tennis World Tour 2 (PS4), we've just learned something quite interesting during Sony's latest financial report.

According to their numbers, PlayStation Plus' subscriber count actually dropped during Q1 2021, losing 1.3 million subs since the last quarter. That puts them onto 46.3 million members in total.

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PlayStation Plus Subscriber Count Drops For The First Time

Across the 2020 fiscal year, we saw a gradual upwards trend. Q1 had 45 million memberships, Q2 increased towards 45.9 million, Q3 saw 47.4 million, while that finally ended on 47.6 million subscribers in Q4. While the numbers are still high, that's significantly lower than Xbox Network, which hit 100 million active users in January and 18 million Game Pass subscribers.

So, what's the reason for this? That's hard to say, considering the PS5's sold significantly well despite shortages. While this month's PS Plus games line-up hasn't been that well received, previous months were considered rather strong. Nevertheless, the fact is that numbers have dropped, and we can only speculate why.

Source: Push Square via Resetera