PS Plus February 2022: Leaks, Release Date, and Predictions For Next Free PS4 and PS5 Games

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PlayStation Plus is an essential subscription for PS4 and PS5 owners. It comes at a cost, but given how many free games, exclusive member discounts, and more features it provides, you'll likely earn your money back in no time.

Plus, you need it for online multiplayer anyway, so it's hard to live without if you want to play online with friends. Just make sure when you do buy PS Plus, get the best deal available to save yourself some extra cash.


The good news though is that anyone who does get PS Plus is in store for plenty of really excellent free games, as PlayStation has consistently given away some fantastic titles on both PS4 and PS5 consoles.

As with all things though, players don't want to know what they can download right now, the PlayStation dashboard does that job. No, PS4 and PS5 players always want to know what could be coming next and when the next free games are coming?

So keep reading, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the PlayStation Plus February 2022 games line-up, including when they'll become available.

Latest News

2 February 2022 -

PlayStation Plus has reached 48 million subscribers. Speaking during their latest financial results, Sony confirmed this sub increase of 0.6 million, also revealing they've shipped 17.2 million PS5 consoles worldwide since launch.


26 January 2022 -

Sony has confirmed February 2022's line-up for PlayStation Plus. Subscribers can access EA Sports UFC 4, Planet Coaster: Console Edition, and Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure. These three games go live on February 1, 2022.

21 January 2022 -

The next batch of PlayStation Plus free games for February 2022 should be announced next week on January 26. That being said, we wouldn't be surprised if the reliable (and now notorious) leaker 'billbil-kun' once again spills the beans on French deals website Dealabs. Stay tuned for more info in the coming days.

14 January 2022 -

According to a new report from GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb, Sony Is quietly pulling PS Now cards from sale in UK retailers. GamesBeat received a copy of an internal directive from GAME where management said: "Stores have until the close of day Wednesday 19, January to remove all POS and ESD cards from all customer-facing areas and update their digital bays in line with this week’s upcoming commercial update."

It's suggested that this latest move could be part of a larger plan from Sony to shelve PS Now in favor of a more robust, tiered subscription service which can rival Xbox Game Pass. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier had previously stated it was codenamed Spartacus, and the first tier is essentially PlayStation Plus, with the second tier including a robust catalogue of games from both PS4 and PS5.

4 January 2022 -

The new PS Plus games for January 2022 are now available to download on PS4 and PS5 consoles. With this in mind, we'll now turn our attention to the next games coming to the service. With any luck, Deallabs will do everyone a solid and leak the lineup ahead of time once again, although we might still have to wait a few weeks before we get any significant or trustworthy leaks.

When Will PS Plus March 2022 Games Be Announced?

Traditionally PS Plus games have always been announced on the last Wednesday of the month at 4:30 pm on the dot via PlayStation's many channels, with full details shared on the PlayStation blog.


That means we can expect the February 2022 PS Plus titles to be revealed on February 23, 2022.

PS Plus February 2022 - Confirmed Games

February 2022's confirmed PlayStation Plus line-up is:

  • EA Sports UFC 4 (PS4)
  • Planet Coaster: Console Edition (PS5)
  • Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure (PS4)

PS Plus February 2022 - Leaks

Although we have a pretty solid idea of when the PS Plus games will be officially confirmed, it's quite likely that we'll find out what games are available well before they're announced.

In the past few months we've seen the same leaker - Dealabs user billbil-kun - successfully leak the correct PS Plus lineup in September, October, November, December, and most recently, January 2022. Billbil-kun also successfully revealed the December Xbox Live Games with Gold, and the Epic Games Store’s 15 Days of Free Games promotion well before they were officially confirmed.


As such, it seems highly likely we'll see the February 2022 PS Plus games revealed early, too.

We'll be sure to keep you up to date on any further info in the latest news section above.

Don't forget, PS5 owners get 20 fantastic games with the PS Plus Collection
Don't forget, PS5 owners get 20 fantastic games with the PS Plus Collection

When Will PS Plus February 2022 Games Come Out?

PS Plus games are made available to players like clockwork at the same time every month, with only one or two very rare changes to the schedule. Generally speaking, new games are made available to download from the PSN store on the first Tuesday of the month.

With this in mind, the February 2022 PS Plus line-up will become available to download on the PlayStation store on Tuesday, February 1 2022.

PS Plus March 2022 - Game Predictions

As we say every month, it's increasingly difficult to predict what games could be coming to the service. That's because the games which are given away rarely fit into a theme.

The only proper 'clue' is that the monthly PS5 game is normally one PS4 title that has recently received a next-gen upgrade. Or, sometimes it's a game which has already been available on PC/Xbox previously and is finally making its way to PlayStation consoles. This is what happened with Deep Rock Galactic in January 2022.

What Games Are Free With PS Plus Right Now?

In case you've forgotten, right now you can download the following free games with your PS Plus Subscription:

  • Deep Rock Galactic (PS5/PS4)
  • Dirt 5 (PS5/PS4)
  • Persona 5 Strikers (PS4)

All three games are available to download until February 1.