Predator Hunting Grounds: How to play the beta on PS4 and PC this weekend

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Predator: Hunting Grounds, the new project from IllFonics, may not launch until April 24 but there's good news for fans of the stealthy hunter.

The new asymmetric multiplayer title is getting a beta for PlayStation Plus subscribers and PC gamers (via the Epic Games Store) later this month, running from March 27 to March 29. That's this weekend!


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That means one player can step into the famous armour of the shoulder-cannon wielding extraterrestrial, while other players do their best to survive and kill it.

It looks like the game will be available for all to download, so you won't need to sign up for access – just download on your platform of choice and get hunting.

Coming from the developers of Friday the 13th, a similar title with Jason Vorhees standing in for the Predator, the licence looks to be in good hands.


Even better, the beta (and the full game) will offer cross-play between PS4 and PC. Unfortunately, Xbox One fans won't be able to take part as the game isn't coming to Microsoft's console (at least not that we know of).

Here's all we know about the beta so far, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog:

  • The Map, Overgrowth, is claustrophobic and varied. Aside from the dense jungle, there's also a military base with its own troops.
  • Multiple mission types are included, including cutting off fuel shipments or setting fire to narcotics.
  • Three Fireteam classes are included – Assault, Scout and Support. Assault is well rounded, while Scout is nimble and focused on speed. Finally, Support can take more damage. Each has access to multiple weapon load-outs, too.
  • Level up weapons to unlock attachments like scopes and suppressors.
  • Only one Predator class is included – the Hunter. Others are coming, though.
  • Predators will have access to plenty of weapons, including the famous Plasma Caster and Wrist Blades.