Predator Hunting Grounds: Arnold Schwarzenegger coming in next update

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Predator: Hunting Grounds only launched a few weeks ago, but the alien menace is about to come face to face with Arnold Schwarzenegger on May 26.

The one-time governor of California will arrive as part of an update that also explores his character Dutch's fate via audio logs – something unexplored at the end of the first movie and not addressed in any follow-ups.


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Dutch comes packing his Hammerhead rifle and knife, and unlike Mortal Kombat 11's Terminator DLC, Arnie himself is playing the character in Hunting Grounds.

Dutch is offered as a premium purchase, but his weapon and knife will be available for free in June. The in-game voice logs are available for all players. Check out the skin below.

Ready to do battle, old friend?

With the game's online multiplayer focus, don't expect a single-player demo either.

As we reported back in March, Arnold himself confirmed his involvement with the game during an interview with a fan site.