Pokemon Crown Tundra: Where Is The Mayor?

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The Crown Tundra is now released all over the world for Pokemon players, this means we are jumping into the second and final DLC for Sword and Shield.

When you are just beginning your adventure you will encounter all sorts of legendary Pokemon from previous games.


However, some players are getting stumped on a certain task revolving around the story.



Over the course of the Crown Tundra, you are going to have multiple encounters with Calyrex, the legendary Pokemon of the Crown Tundra.


The first one you have is right before you head into the town of Freezington.

After this battle, which you are not able to catch Calyrex during; you will then need to locate the mayor who is not resting in their house.

Instead, you are going to need to head to the Giants Bed and more specifically the garden area, which is where the mayor is going to be.

Head around the center of the garden and this is where the mayor will be!


Now you are able to progress more throughout the Crown Tundra's story.

Best of luck going after all the legendary Pokemon inside this DLC!