Pokemon Unite Esports: Developer Hints At World Championship

Pokemon Unite, a new MOBA-style title from the Pokemon Company and Tencent, could end up as an esport according to the game's producer.

While speaking to Japanese website Dime, producer Masaaki Hoshino and his team discussed the potential for competitive play after launch.

Could Pokemon Unite Be An Esport?

Thanks to a translation from industry analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, we have the following information.

"There will be no esports focus initially but the game could become an established esports if the player base takes it in that direction.

"Would be interested in doing world championships like with Pokken Tournament" Ahmad continued.

The core Pokemon franchise has long offered competitive play, while fighting spin-off Pokken Tournament has also found success in this regard.

Here's hoping Pokemon United can win over fans, with the much-hyped announcement receiving an incredible number of dislikes. Still, The Pokemon Company can take solace in the fact that clicking a "thumbs down" doesn't have any bearing on the real world.

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