Isle of Amor: How To Get Legendary Pokemon Kubfu and Urshifu In Pokemon Sword And Shield

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Pokemon Sword and Shield's first DLC pack is coming very soon; The Isle of Armor is set to be an entirely new adventure for players who have already played Sword and Shield. 

During Nintendo's Pokemon Direct when they initially unveiled both of the DLC packs coming to Sword and Shield; we got a glimpse at some of the new Pokemon that we were going to be able to catch.


Two of them are the brand new legendaries coming to Sword and Shield.

Let's take a look at some of the facts we know about the Legendaries in Isle of Armor.

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The first Pokemon that was showcased was the tiny fighter, Kubu; although he may be small we know that this Pokemon can for sure pack a punch.

On the Isle of Armor lies a dojo for battles where trainers gather to master their skills, if you train at this dojo you'll earn pokemon Kubfu from the dojo master, and former Galar Region Champion, Mustard.

Through your training with Kubfu you'll gain permission to enter the challenge at the Tower Of Two Fists.


In this challenge you'll enter either the Tower of Darkness or the Tower of Waters, you may only choose one, and you and Kubfu must face the challenge alone!

Once you conquer one of the two towers Kubfu will evolve into the powerful Urshifu.

If you chose to fight in the Tower of Darkness it will learn single strike style, and if you chose the Tower of Waters, it will learn rapid strike style.

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Kubfu is a fighting type Pokemon and this is his Bulbapedia entry:


"Kubfu works hard to train both body and mind, even if it suffers defeat. It has a unique organ that allows it to create "fighting energy" through special deep breathing and intense focusing. It is known to live in the mountains far away from Galar though it lived in the region at one point. According to historical texts, it helps people on their travels"

We will have to wait and see just how we do eventually encounter Kubfu, it should be an exciting one! 



The evolution of Kubfu is the final legendary Pokemon we will encounter during the first DLC pack.

One of the neat aspects of these legendary Pokemon is that they are some of the very few legendary Pokemon that evolve! 

Once you conquer one of the two towers in the Tower Of Two Fists challenge, Kubfu will evolve into the powerful Urshifu.


If you chose to fight in the Tower of Darkness it will learn single strike style, and if you chose the Tower of Waters, it will learn rapid strike style.

If it is in the single-strike form it will be a dark-fighting type, and if it is in the rapid-strike form it will be a water-fighting type Pokemon!

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Bulbapedia had these entries about the two different forms of Urshifu!

"Single Strike Style Urshifu prefers battling without holding back. If enraged, it will mercilessly attack the opponent until utterly crushed. Its movements are direct and involve rushing in a straight line. When it is a certain distance away from an opponent, it quickly leaps in to unleash a powerful blow."


"Rapid Strike Style Urshifu prefers calmly observing the opponent and their strength while dodging. It uses flowing movements to ward off an opponent's attack before overwhelming them with rapid strikes."

We do not know how to change the form of Ushifu yet, but we can assume the game's story will explain this to us in due time!

Other Legendaries

The Expansion will include every other legendary Pokemon in the series to this date, however, they appear to be exclusive to The Crown Tundra.

There is the possibility that some of these will appear in the Isle of Armor.

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