Pokemon The Crown Tundra OUT NOW - Version 1.30 Patch Notes and More!

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The long-awaited second DLC pack for Pokemon Sword and Shield has now gone live across the world.

The Crown Tundra is taking players to a brand new location, which is about to be an amazing adventure.


Filled with brand new Pokemon along with a massive returning cast; there is so much content in store.

The update is now live, along with a new Pokemon Home patch.

Here's all you need to know!




SerebiiNet posted around two hours ago that the new update has been pushed live for Sword and Shield owners.

This will bring the game to Version 1.30 and will require an update to play.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection before you begin this software update!


This means if you are an owner of the DLC pack, you can now jump into the game and check out all the new content.

Here's a quick refresher about how to get to the Crown Tundra once you are in the game.

Similar to the Isle of Armor, players are going to be able to easily access the DLC once they load into the game.

You will be prompted with the following screen which was tweeted by wonderfulwarudo, which notes you can head over to the train station and head on over to the Crown Tundra!