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Pokemon Sword and Shield Pikachu Hat Codes: Here's How To Get Ash's Pikachu


The Crown Tundra is almost here, but players can grab a special bonus already.


If you've seen the Pokemon anime, you'll know that its famous protagonist, Ash Ketchum, is rarely seen without his hat.

While you won't find him in-game, you can unlock his trademark headwear for Pikachu using some codes. Here's how.

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How To Redeem Pikachu Cap Codes

Before we get to the codes themselves, you'll need to know how to input them.

Thankfully, it's pretty simple.

In Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, press the X button to head into the menu, then select Get A Mystery Gift.

Once that's done, select "Get with Code" and connect, before entering your choice of code.

Your chosen Pikachu will appear in your party if you have space, or be sent straight to a Pokemon box.

Once done, don't forget to save!

Ash's Hat Pikachu Codes

Here are the codes!

  • Hoenn Cap Pikachu: P1KAADVANCE
  • Kalos Cap Pikachu: KAL0SP1KA
  • Original Cap Pikachu: P1KACHUGET
  • Partner Cap Pikachu: 1CH00SEY0U
  • Sinnoh Cap Pikachu: V0LTTACKLEP1KA
  • Unova Cap Pikachu: P1KABESTW1SH
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