Isle of Armor Gameplay Details: Gameplay Footage, Story, Rivals, Characters and MORE!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield will be releasing its first expansion pass adventure the Isle of Armor in June 2020!

During January's Pokemon Direct, a large majority of the Pokemon fan base were fully anticipating a brand new game coming later this fall; much like what Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon were a few years ago. 


Instead, Nintendo surprised many of us with the announcement of two DLC packs coming this year. The first one we are going to get out hands on is The Isle of Armor coming June 2020!

In what is promising to be a brand new storyline based on Sword and Shield's end game, we know some minor details about the story but not too much.

Let's take a look at all we know about Isle of Armor's story and some gameplay footage! 

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Synopsis and Rivals

Hiroyuki Tani who is the lead director for both of the expansion packs has stated the theme behind The Isle of Armor is "growth" and from what we know about the story this kinda makes sense.

We know that we are going to be training in dojo's with other trainers, and rivals and we are going to be trained by the same person who mentored Pokemon Champion Leon. 


That person is Mustard, and we actually got his full artwork during the Pokemon Direct; so we can assume Mustard will be the focal point surrounding this expansion pack.


In one of these dojos that we are going to be training in, we also got confirmation of one of the new rivals we will meet!

Klara will be your rival if you own Sword, and Avery will be your rival if you own Shield!

This was showcased during the Pokemon Direct also, and like Mustard, we can assume they will play a pivotal role in the story much as Hop did during Sword and Shield's story. 

Gameplay Footage

Below are some YouTube videos the Pokemon Direct footage of Isle of Armor! 


DLC Analysis by GameXplain

Confirmed Characters Coming to Isle of Armor

  • Mustard
  • Klara 
  • Avery 
  • New Move Tutors


Other New Gameplay Features

Besides the story coming to the Isle of Armor, Nintendo also confirmed the following additions are going to be included within the DLC: 

  • New clothing items
  • More player customization 
  • New Rotom Bike options
  • Pokemon Home incorporation