Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC: Will We Get A New Eevee Variant in Crown Tundra Expansion?

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The Crown Tundra DLC is coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield later this year, and it looks as though it'll bring a fresh Eevee-lution to the Galar region.

Famed for its variety of potential evolutions, Eevee has been receiving fresh new versions for years (usually every other generation), and as Dexerto notes, we're overdue another.


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New Eeveelution Coming With Crown Tundra?

Since Eevee's debut in Pokemon Red and Blue, we've had the following types:

  • Water - Vaporeon
  • Fire - Flareon
  • Electric - Jolteon
  • Psychic - Espeon
  • Dark - Espeon
  • Grass - Leafeon
  • Ice - Glaceon
  • Fairy - Sylveon

Based on that list, we're almost running out of types to choose from. Could we see a Bug-type Eevee? Maybe a Ghost or Rock-type?

If it was up to us, we'd like to see a Dragon-type, but we'd imagine that could be a longshot.


The expansion still doesn't have a release date, but cheeky dataminers have already found items in the upcoming content. Wondering what to expect? We were pleasantly surprised by the Isle of Armor expansion, which felt like baby steps towards the open-world Pokemon game we've been dreaming of since we were kids. You can check out our review here.