Pokemon Sword: Fourth Gym Guide For Fighting Type Leader Bea

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The fourth gym leader in Pokemon Sword and Shield will be different depending on what game you purchase; Sword owners will be able to battle Bea the fighting-type leader. Shield owners will be battling it out with the ghost-type leader Allister.

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Bea is the first gym leader outside of the beginning league of gym leaders and is the first one that poses a true threat to trainers. So here's our guide on how to topple her!


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Counters For Bea

Bea uses fighting type Pokemon, which have two immediate weaknesses - psychic and flying. There are some very strong counters that you can find along your journey of the Galar region. At this point of the game, you are likely to be at the level where they are at their second or final evolution stage.

  • Corvisquire (Second form of Rookidee) - a very common normal/flying type Pokemon for this region
  • Hattrem  (evolved form of Hatenna) - can be found near the Galar Mine No 2 and is a strong psychic type.
  • Ralts - with only a 2% chance of encountering it in Rolling Fields, it will be well worth you capturing it.

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Gym Challenge

Bea's gym challenge is essentially an obstacle course, players need to climb in these rotateable carts and maneuver around certain checkpoints, in order to complete one of the three stages. Players can rotate the carts with their right stick, it is tricky to get a handle of at first, but once master it it becomes a breeze.


Each time you complete a stage you will then have to battle a trainer, totaling three of them for this gym challenge.

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Now onto battling Bea, by far the hardest gym leader up until this point in the game. You will need to make sure you have a flying type Pokemon or a Pokemon that knows flying type moves.

She uses four Pokemon (instead of three) being the fighting type master, she will send out an LVL 34 Hitmontop. Followed by a LVL 34 Pangoro, which is a dark/fighting type, so physic type moves will have no effect on it.


Her last two Pokemon feature a LVL 35 Sirfetch’d and her final Pokemon, which is the one she will Dynamax, is a LVL 36 Machamp.

Her final Pokemon is without a doubt the strongest Pokemon you will face at this point in the game, once it Dynamaxes it has immense power and some wonky moves that you would not expect it to have. The ability to use "Max Darkness" caught us off guard, as it one hit two of our Pokemon.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_