Pokemon Sword and Shield: Third Gym Guide For Fire Type Leader Kabu

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Pokemon Sword and Shield allows players to conquer the familiar 8 gyms that the franchise has become known for as they explore the Galar region in the hopes of becoming champion.

Kabu is the last gym leader in the first set of gym challenges, which sees you compete against the primary three typings in the game: water, fire, and grass.

So how do you beat the Motostoke gym leader? Here are our tips and tricks to beating the third gym!

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Countering Kabu If Starter Pokemon is Grookey

We are all well aware that grass-type Pokemon are historically awful matchups against fire type Pokemon, so if you happened to choose Grookey at the beginning of the game, you may need some assistance with this one.

However, you may be at the point where you already have a ground or water type Pokemon to counter Kabu, if you don't here are some you can catch:

  • Wooper - A water/ground type that can be found in the beginning Wild Area
  • Magikarp - Found in any body of water that has a fishing hole
  • Drednaw - The water/ground type evolution of Chewlet
  • Roggenrola - Rock type that can be found in the first mine after Route 3

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Gym Challenge

Kabu's gym challenge is something that players would have never experienced before, straying away from the typical maze players will have to either catch or eliminate other Pokemon trainers during this challenge.


You have to obtain five points in order to progress to battle Kabu, engaging in battles with one of the three wild Pokemon. You will come across a Vulpix, Sizzlipede and a Litwick.

Catching the Pokemon will net you two points, knocking it out will net you one point; but also be aware of the other trainers that will try and steal your points.

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The opposing trainers will usually try to decrease your accuracy and in most scenarios will get 2 hit KO'd by the wild Pokemon.

The best advice is to focus on the wild Pokemon and catch it with a Great ball when it gets to an orange health bar. Usually, you can outlast the opposing trainers and take your time.

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Proceeding after this gym challenge, you will once again walk out onto the battlefield to fight Kabu; being the fire type master, Kabu bolsters three Pokemon.

Initially Kabu will send out his LVL 25 Ninetails, then his LVL 25 Arcanine. These two Pokemon should not pose too much of a threat to players, but be sure to save your Dynamax.


His final Pokemon will be the LVL 27 Centiskroch, a fire/bug type that he will Dynamax, so be sure to do the same. Other than that Kabu's Pokemon do not stand much of a chance, if you chose Sobble as your starter, or have a decent water-type Pokemon.


it's recommended that you teach your Pokemon some stronger moves than Water Gun or Smack Down, these may not be strong enough to comfortably defeat Kabu's Pokemon. Be sure that your Pokemon are at least LVL 25-28.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_