Pokemon Crown Tundra: Where To Find and Catch Dratini!

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The Crown Tundra is now out on the Nintendo Switch.

Not only are players about to jump into a brand new storyline, but there are also all kinds of new and returning Pokemon up for catching.


The legendary Kanto bird Pokemon has become a popular find among players, but some particular Pokemon have gained attention from fans.

The Kanto bird Pokemon are not the only generation one Pokemon making a return.

The Dratini evolution line is back, and players are definitely going to want to obtain the elusive Dragonite.

Here's where to find and catch Dratini. 




Dratini is one of the rarer Pokemon when it comes to encountering it in the wild.

Although players will be able to find it within the overworld in certain regions of the Crown Tundra.


It appears that most players are having a better time finding them while fishing in the water.

Either way; there seems to only be a 5% chance of encountering a Dratini regardless of the method.

This makes it one of the rarer Pokemon in the game, so have patience when trying to catch one. 

If you are lucky enough to find one, be careful when battling it.


As you do not want to whittle down its health all the way to zero, and then have to start over again. 

Dratini is the beginning phase of the powerful Dragonite evolution line, the very first dragon-type Pokemon ever introduced in the Pokemon series.

To this day, the final form of Dratini is no slouch when it comes to battling, so it is definitely worth catching!