Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Get Regigigas!

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The Crown Tundra has released on the Nintendo Switch for players all over the world.

Perhaps the most anticipated feature of this DLC is the return of all the legendary Pokemon from previous generations.


There are so many to count, but it seems a lot of players are eager to catch the Regi line.

The king of them all, Regigigas is the last one you will be able to catch.

Here's how to find it!




Most of you are now aware that all three of the original Regis (Regice, Regirock, and Registeel) are back in a Pokemon game.

Catching all of them is the key to getting the new Regis's which we have covered here.

However, the normal-type Regi is viewed as the best of them all, and it has made an appearance in the Crown Tundra.


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Now, this is where encountering Regigias gets tricky; as you will not only need to catch the three primary Regi's, you will also need to acquire Regieleki and Regidrago.

However, only one of them can be obtained per game save; so you will need to find someone to trade with.

When you have all five in your party, this is when you can start the process of catching Regigias.



Snowslide Slope

Now, you are going to make your way over to Snowslide Slope, and then you are going to want to look for the Watt Trader near the Fly marker.

Then head on down to Giant's bed and there will be an unused Raid location surrounded by four rocks. 


This is where you are going to want to interact with the Raid marker, but make sure all five Regi's are in your party. 

This will then begin a battle with a Dynamaxed, Level 100 Regigigas; which is how you are going to obtain the beast.

MonkeyKingHero posted a fantastic video showcasing this with visual detail, so check that out below as well!