Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Find and Catch Virizion, Cobalion and Terrakion! All Evidence and More

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The Crown Tundra has released on the Nintendo Switch for players all over the world.

Perhaps the most anticipated feature of this DLC is the return of all the legendary Pokemon from previous generations.


So far some of the most sought after are the Kanto bird Pokemon along with the Regi line.

But, there is another trio of legendary Pokemon that a lot of trainers are looking to catch.

This is the trio from the Pokemon X and Y titles, here's how to find them!



Swords of Justice

The trio we are talking about is Virizion, Cobalion, and Terrakion, or better known by their nickname of the Swords of Justice Pokemon.

These appeared in the Pokemon X and Y titles back on the 3DS and have been underrated in terms of legendary Pokemon ever since.

Now, they have made a return to Pokemon Sword and Shield with the release of the Crown Tundra and players are looking to catch them.


Over the course of the Crown Tundra, your companion from the original storyline Sonia will stop by and inform you that the Swords of Justice Pokemon are wandering around the Crown Tundra.

The catch is that they have laid tracks around the region. 

This is how you are going to go about finding these legendary Pokemon, so it is quite tricky to find them compared to some of the other legendary Pokemon. 

The three Pokemon have specific areas where their tracks can be found, and once you have 50 tracks found of each Pokemon, Sonia will inform you of their location.


MonkeyKingHero has detailed some of the areas where each fo the tracks can be found: 

Best of luck hunting down these Pokemon!