Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Catch and Find Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf!

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The Crown Tundra is now released all over the world.

This will also be the final adventure Sword and Shield players will be taking apart in, so we hope it is the best one yet.


There is an ample amount of Pokemon returning to the game, and players have been adventuring off catching all of the new legendaries and so on.

All the main legendaries from previous titles are back, and a trio that has piqued players' interest is the Lake Guardians.

Better known as Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf from the Diamond and Pearl titles.

These three are a lot easier to catch in the Crown Tundra.




A common theme when it comes to finding Pokemon inside the Crown Tundra is that they can be found mostly within the Dynamax Raids.

A brand new concept introduced during this DLC, players are able to find all sorts of Pokemon from these battles. 


Here's how Nintendo described the Dynamax Adventures: 

In Dynamax Adventures, you’ll team up with three other Trainers to explore a Pokémon Den where Dynamax Pokémon are said to lurk!

Instead of your regular Pokémon team, you and your fellow Trainers will choose rental Pokémon to bring along into the depths of the den. If you encounter a wild Dynamax Pokémon during your exploration, you’ll need to work together with your three teammates in a Max Raid Battle!

There are so many Pokemon that you will be able to find and catch during these adventures.


Other legendaries from generation four can be found during these Dynamax Adventures, including Dialga, Palkia and Giratina!

If you are looking to catch the Guardian Lake legendary trio, you are once again going to have to partake in these raids.

Players will need to try and some have patience, as it might take a while before you encounter one of them.

Pokemon Archives posted the following video showcasing all of them found within the Dynamax Adventure.