Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Catch and Find Lugia and Ho-Oh

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The Crown Tundra was a much-needed dose of content for Sword and Shield.

The ample amount of returning legendary Pokemon is perhaps what most players are excited for.

Some of the most common ones include the Kanto bird Pokemon along with the Regi's.


There is legendary Pokemon returning from each generation, including one of the most popular regions; generation two.

Childhood favorites Lugia and Ho-Oh are back, and they can easily be obtained.

Here's how!



A core component that has been introduced during the Crown Tundra is Dynamad Adventures.

Essentially these are ways for players to get ahold of all the new Pokemon within the game.


You can either partake in these solo or with online friends, so we recommend doing it in a group.

You will be able to find rare Pokemon during these, and the farther you go within the cave; the more likely you are to encounter a legendary Pokemon.

This is going to be the method you will have to partake in to catch Lugia and Ho-Oh.

As of now, we do not know the specific encounter rate for either of these Pokemon.

But, since they are legendary Pokemon; we can assume it is quite high.

As well, since legendary Pokemon have a 100% catch rate in the Crown Tundra; the only tricky part about this is finding the Pokemon!

Check out the YouTube video from Pokemon Archives with their encounter with the legendary bird Pokemon!