Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Catch and Find Keldo!

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The Crown Tundra has released on the Nintendo Switch for players all over the world.

Perhaps the most anticipated feature of this DLC is the return of all the legendary Pokemon from previous generations.

So far some of the most sought after are the Kanto bird Pokemon along with the Regi line.


Along with previous lines of legendary Pokemon, the Swords of Justice have returned to Sword and Shield.

Virizion, Cobalion, and Terrakion are all obtainable within the Crown Tundra, and so is the youngest member of the Swords of Justice.

Here's how to catch and find Keldeo.


Young Buck

Keldeo is the youngest member of the Swords of Justice crew and is essentially being mentored by the other Pokemon.

Keldeo has been noted as the Pokemon with the most potential among the four, so it is quite sought after within the games.


In order to begin the process of catching Keldeo, you are going to have to obtain Virizion, Cobalion, and Terrakion through the evidence collecting side quests. 

Once you have completed this, you are going to want to have all three of these Pokemon in your party.

Then make your way over to Ballimere Lake, and look out for the small Pokemon camp area with a pot. 

Set up your Pokemon Camp and being cooking some Curry. 

After you are finished feeding your Pokemon your fresh Curry, Keldeo will appear within the wild near you.

Now, you will be able to catch Keldeo!

MonkeyKingHero also posted the following video noting how to catch Keldeo with some visual detail.

Check it out below.