Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Catch and Find Calyrex!

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The Crown Tundra is now released all over the world.

This will also be the final adventure Sword and Shield players will be taking apart of, so we hope it is the best one yet.


The new DLC has implemented loads of new content, from new Pokemon to the new Galarian Star Tournament.

The cover Pokemon for this DLC is Calyrex, and it is the king of this region.

Here's how to catch the mastermind!




Over the course of the Crown Tundra's story, you will be assisting Peony in various tasks.

This will take up most of the story, as you are tasked with tracking down this legendary Pokemon.

Along the way, you will encounter loads of legendary Pokemon from previous generations.


We have a particular interest in the legendary bird Pokemon from the Kanto region.

All of whom have received Galarian forms, which we covered here how to find all of them!

Moving back to the task at hand which is catching Calyrex.

At one point in the story, you will have to trade Dynite Ore for carrot seeds.


The Ore can be obtained by taking part in some of the Dynamax Adventures, which is also where you may encounter some legendary Pokemon; so it is worth your time for sure.

Once you have obtained the carrot seeds, you must choose between planting them at either the Old Cemetery or at Snowslide Slope. 

Planting them at the Cemetary will make Calyrex acquire a ghost dual-typing.

While planting them at the Snowslide Slope will grant it an ice dual-typing.


Then you can head over to the Crown Shrine, which is where you will be able to catch Calyrex!