Pokemon Sword and Shield: Seventh Gym Guide for Dark Type Leader Piers

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Pokemon Sword and Shield allows players to conquer the familiar 8 gyms that the franchise has become known for as they explore the Galar region in the hopes of becoming champion. 

The seventh gym leader in the Galar region is Piers, the dark type leader who captains Spikemuth city is also the older brother of Marnie who we are well aware with by now.


Spikemuth city is also the home of Team Yell and their whole origin around following Marnie around Galar. Piers uses some dual typings for his Pokemon so it can be rather tricky, we'll take you through our tips and tricks as to how to get the seventh badge!

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Counters For Dark Pokemon

Dark-type Pokemon are some of the weirdest Pokemon since their introduction, no matter how long you have been playing Pokemon dark types still confuse us.


Piers uses a lot of dual typings for his Pokemon but they are all still relatively weak to the same typing. As long as you have one or two of these Pokemon move types or even an entire Pokemon you should be fine.

  • Bug
  • Fairy 
  • Fighting 

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Gym Challenge

There is no real gym challenge for Piers gym, all you have to do is make your way down the street and battle some Team Yell grunts along the way. No hidden mine traps or Wooloo moving, just walking down the street.




After some dialogue with Piers, you will now battle him for the seventh gym badge. One thing to note about this gym, it is the only gym that you cannot Dynamax your Pokemon in so that took some getting use too.

Piers will send out a LVL 44 Scrafty which is a dark-fighting type at first. Followed by a LVL45 Malamar and a LVL 45 Skuntank, these two Pokemon are rather easy to take down, as by this point in the game you may be a bit over-leveled.



Piers' final Pokemon is his trusty LVL 46 Obstagoon, the newest Pokemon in the PokeDex can certainly pack a punch and players should be aware of this. Perhaps one of the easiest gym leaders in the game, just due to the nature of the gym challenge and the overall Pokemon.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_