Pokemon Sword And Shield: Secrets, Easter Eggs And Hidden Mechanics You May Not Have Known About

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Pokemon Sword and Shield have quickly become one of the best Pokemon games of all time. Not only has it eclipsed sales records for all previous games, but it has captivated fans all over the world.

The standard Pokemon mechanics are all here and are well refined for this generation of Pokemon, however, there are of course some sneaky secrets that Nintendo does not directly tell you about but these are MUST KNOW for any Pokemon fan. 

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Shiny Ground Loot

The majority of players may have noticed those little sparkles on the ground when you are roaming around the Galar Region.

Interacting with one of these will reward you with a type of item, whether it is a healing item or a special TM.One would think that these items do not respawn but in fact, they do, coming back to the same one after a while will give you another reward!

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By pressing in on the right joy-con analog stick, your player will whistle, doing so around Wild Pokemon especially in the Wild Area will attract Pokemon near you.


If you do this, it actually lures the stronger Pokemon closer to you, and the weaker ones will run away scared for their lives.

Just a neat little secret to be aware of if you are after some stronger Pokemon!

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Golden Pokemon

While you are roaming the Wild Area you may encounter Pokemon that have a golden aura around them, these are the Pokemon you are going to want to catch first. These Pokemon have increased statistics compared to regular Pokemon and will make great additions to your team, so be sure to keep a lookout for them!

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You Can Use Fainted Pokemon In Max Raid Battles

Max Raid battles are the new battles you can encounter in the Wild Area, the cool thing about these battles is that no matter the HP level of your Pokemon you can still go into battle with it.

Using a fainted Pokemon in these battles will regenerate its health! 

You Can Upgrade And Customize Your Rotom Bike And Biking Outfit

This is also another feature that you can do while in the Wild Area, talking to one of the Galar Region workers will prompt the screen where you can change your player's outfit based on a specific typing.

Also, you can use the Wild Area watts you receive my partaking in the max raid battles to upgrade your bike to make it faster, stronger etc. 

Cooking Curry Revives Pokemon And Makes Them Friendly


Cooking is one of the newest features in Sword and Shield, by collecting berries throughout the region you can combine them together and cook up a fantastic pot for you and your fellow Pokemon.

Feeding your Pokemon often will reward you with some XP as well it will make fainted ones revived and their friendliness will improve! 


You Can Customize Your Menu

This is one of the coolest features for Sword and Shield's immense customization options.

Pressing X will open up the menu screen, after this you are going to want to press Y which will allow you to move around icons wherever you want!

You Can Increase The Difficulty... Sort Of


Change the battle style from Switch to Set. This way, you won’t be prompted to swap out your Pokemon after your opponents’ Pokemon faints.

What other Pokemon secrets have you found in Sword and Shield? Let us know by tweeting at us!

Written ByNick Farrell@NCF7_