Pokemon Sword and Shield's Galar Region Located Via Leak

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Isle of Armor adds to Pokemon Sword and Shield's Galar region, but we may have been able to locate where in the globe the Galar region is situated.

That's based on locations players can "Fly" to, including a mysterious island, as reported by Dexerto.

Galar Region Located

We know, Galar is based on the United Kingdom, but there's a good chance that this unknown island to the south is likely to be the Crown Tundra.

That matches up with the general layout of Galar being an inverted version of the United Kingdom, meaning The Crown Tundra is essentially Scotland.

The Isle of Armor is apparently inspired by the Isle of Man, while fans have noted a new area to the west of Galar - could we get another DLC after Crown Tundra?

We're sure to find out after the Crown Tundra releases later this year.

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