Pokemon Sword and Shield: Pre-Order Guide

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Pokemon Sword and Shield, the next installment in the Pokemon game franchise, will be releasing later this month. Many fans have already pre-ordered the game without even thinking about the pre-order bonus. So be prepared to cancel your current pre-order as some of these deals are too good not to snap up!

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Pre-ordering Pokemon Shield

If your keen on pre-ordering Pokemon Shield and want to snag that ultra defense legendary, these are the best places to do so!

All prices are in USD

The UK Prices and the special bonus you can get because of pre-ordering are also listed below!


The steel book option is for sure one we are fans up here!

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Pre-ordering Pokemon Sword

Fancy the more aggressive edition of the game? Check out these places for pre-ordering the game!

US prices:


The best places to get Pokemon Sword if you are across the pond are:

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Dual Pack

The dual pack is for the hardcore Pokemon fans, this pack has both games bundled into one package at a steep cost as well. If you are set on getting the dual pack to get both version exclusive Pokemon, be sure to pre-order at some of the following locations to be sure you get your money's worth.

US prices:


UK prices: 

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_