Pokemon Sword And Shield: Isle of Armor Vs Crown Tundra - Which One Will Be Better?

This will be the first time in the Pokemon franchise that we will be getting paid DLC, as opposed to a third game like they have done in the past with Pokemon Platinum.

The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra are set to release sometime within 2020, but we know minimal information regarding the two new regions we are going to.

However, Pokemon fans have already started the debate about the two, most notably which one will be better when it is all said and done.

So, which one is gearing up to be the best? 

Isle of Armor

The first expansion pack that is going to be releasing for Pokemon fans is the Isle of Armor. Set on a tropical island off the coast of the Galar Region, this is DLC that we know the most about thus far.

We've gone ahead and made a pros and cons list of most of the information we know about the upcoming DLC. However, we suspect this is going to change somewhat when the DLC is actually playable!



  • Pokemon - The Isle of Armor is introducing a lot of player's favorite Pokemon from previous generations. Classics such as Kingdra and Slowking are all making a comeback this time around and there is a wide variety of Pokemon types going to be seen when the DLC 
  • Region - Although we only have some short videos and minor gameplay footage to go off of, the Isle of Armor itself looks amazing compared to the Crown Tundra. Similar to Sword and Shield itself, the Isle have a lot of color along with some amazing coastal sections we are eager to explore!
  • Release Date - This one is just added for good fun, since the Isle of Armor is releasing next month we are so excited to hop in!


  • Legendary Pokemon - From what we can tell, the Legendary Pokemon Kubfu and Urshifu are some of the weakest Pokemon we have seen in quite some time. They do not feel Legendary compared to other Legendary Pokemon, but we will have to wait and see what the story is behind them.
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Crown Tundra 

Releasing sometime later this year, Crown Tundra is going to be a vastly different expansion pack compared to the Isle of Armor. With essentially the complete opposite setting, as the Crown Tundra is located somewhere north fo the Galar Region in a snow-covered biome. 

Here are some of the pros and cons we decided on for the Crown Tundra



  • Pokemon - Yet again we have to look upon the Pokemon being introduced during the DLC pack. Pokemon such as Garchomp, Metagross, and Aurorus are all making a return. There is no shortage of fantastic Pokemon going to be available for you to catch!
  • Legendary Pokemon - Opposing the Isle of Armor, this DLC pack has one of the coolest Legendary Pokemon they have introduced in quite some time in the Pokemon Calyrex. Little is know about this Pokemon thus far, but we are sure the lore surrounding it is stellar!
  • Story - From what we know thus far, it appears the story is going to take us through some legendary lore of the Pokemon Calyrex and why we are going underground on these expeditions. 


  • Release Date- Not being playable until later this year, it is a real bummer that Nintendo decided to release them so far apart rather than over the course of four months. 

It is hard to critique the Crown Tundra as much as the Isle of Armor, as we have yet to see any details about the region itself!

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