Isle of Armor Starter Guide: Tips and Tricks Before The First Pokemon Sword And Shield DLC

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The Isle of Armor is set to release in June as the first DLC in the expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Little is known about the Isle of Armor, but we do know that we are going to be taking a flight all the way over from the Galar Region, to these new islands.


While we don't know too many specifics, based on what we do know we can start to prepare ourselves for this new adventure.

Here are our tips and tricks to get yourself prepared for the Isles of Galar.

Prepare Your Team

We can assume that we will be able to take our current Pokemon Sword and Shield team over to the Isle of Amor; although there may be a level cap in the DLC.

Since we are going off of this assumption, the most obvious step you can take is to get your team into shape.

Make sure all your Pokemon are of adequate LVLs before heading over to the Isle, is going to be vital for the most optimal experience.

However, with all of the new Pokemon now obtainable in this DLC pack, it may be worthwhile to only bring three or four Pokemon; as there are some great new Pokemon to catch.


Below are some other tips we think are important to prepare your team before the DLC launches.

  • Have a balanced team, DO NOT bring all of one type
  • Wild water and grass Pokemon are likely to be much more common in this DLC, be sure to have appropriate counters
  • A good diverse move pool
  • Plenty of consumable items


Have a Sold Inventory

What we mean with this tip, is to be sure you are not missing anything before you head over to the Isle.

As we do not know how many Pokemon Centers are going to be over on the Isle, it's a good idea to stock up on all the healing items you may need before heading over.


If there are any times such as TM's or IV's (Calcium, Zinc etc) that you need to find in the wild or purchase, now is the time to do so.

If you are hoping to catch a Kingdra over on the Isle of Armor and know you want to teach it Hydro Pump for example, then you better be sure you have that TM with you before making the journey over!


Use Pokemon Home

If you have a Pokemon Home account, this is the perfect time to get the most use out of it.

Since we know an ample amount of the new Pokemon are going to be making their debut in the Isle of Armor, you can go ahead and import them into Pokemon Home ahead of time.

So, when the DLC fully releases you are able to easily import them over from Pokemon Home into your team so you can use them for competitive battles!