Pokemon Sword And ShIeld: Isle of Armor - How To Evolve Tangela Into Tangrowth

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The Isle of Armor, is the first DLC in history for Pokemon's franchise and the first for Sword and Shield.

One of these Pokemon is the Tangela evolution line, including its final form; Tangrowth. 


There is a special move that Tangela must know in order to evolve!

Here's how to evolve this Pokemon.

Ancient Power

Tangela evolves in a unique way rather than normal Pokemon! Instead of having a set level where the Pokemon will evolve, Tangela must know the move Ancient Power in order to evolve.


Once the Pokemon levels up while knowing this move, they will be able to evolve it into Tangrowth!

How To Get This Move? 

This is probably the trickiest part of evolving Tangela, as it does not learn Ancient Power on its own!


Players will need to go out of their way to find the TM for Ancient Power.

As of now, we can suspect this will be an obtainable TM within the Isle of Armor!