Pokemon Sword And ShIeld: Isle of Armor - How To Evolve Scyther into Scizor

Pokemon Sword and Shield's first DLC pack, the Isle of Armor, has arrived for Nintendo Switch!

Introducing an ample amount of familiar faces, we are excited to see what Pokemon you add to your team.

Some require a unique way to evolve, including the Scyther evolution line!

Here's how to get Scizor in the Isle of Armor.

Metal Coat

Since its introduction into the Pokemon series in generation two, Scizor has always required a special way to obtain it.

Players will need to have a Scyther, the level does not matter, and then they will need to obtain a Metal Coat.

This is an in-game item that players will need to give to their Scyther.

Once they do so, they can go ahead and trade your Scyther with another trainer, and it should evolve into Scizor!

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Where To Find Metal Coat

Finding the Metal Coat is rather easy compared to other games, players will need to head to Stow-on-Side.

Once they are in this city, they are going to want to head over to the bargain shop and you will be able to pick one up!

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