Isle of Armor: Evolution Guide For Pokemon Sword And Shield - Stones, Friendship, Trades And More!

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It's not long until Pokemon Sword and Shield's first DLC pack the Isle of Armor isn't releasing until June, but fans cannot wait to get their hands on this DLC!

Introducing an ample amount of familiar faces, we are excited to see what Pokemon you add to your team. Some of the Pokemon being re-added into the game require a unique way to evolve them.

Check out the full evolution guide for Pokemon The Isle of Armor!



Some Pokemon need special stones in order to evolve, we do not know where you will be able to find some of these stones in the Isle of Armor DLC, but we will be sure to update it as soon as it releases.

While some Pokemon may require you to trade it while holding a certain stone/item!


Here are all the Pokemon coming to the DLC pack that is going to need a special stone or be traded with an item in order to evolve. 

  • Nidoking/Nidoqueen - Moon Stone
  • Slowking - Trade a Slowbro while holding a King's Rock
  • Kingdra- Trade a Seadra while holding a Dragon's Scale
  • Electavire - Trade an Electabuzz while holding an Electirizer

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While some Pokemon may need a special item or stone, some just require some love and friendship. The easiest way to increase friendship is to just use the Pokemon quite a bit, and make sure it does not faint!


Here are the Pokemon that require high friendship!


Special Conditions

Some Pokemon require some unique circumstances in order to evolve. Let's take you through them now!

  • Magnezone - Must LVLup Magnetron in a  "special magnetic field".
  • Aurorus - LVL up Aurorus at night.