Isle of Armor: All Diglett Locations, Rewards And How To Get A Perfect Alolan Diglett In Pokemon Sword And Shield

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The Isle of Armor can now be accessed in Pokemon Sword and Shield for trainers all over the world.

Along with this release we also got news of a brand new Pokemon Snap iteration and some other fun Pokemon spin-offs.


One of the first tasks you are warranted is finding numerous Diglett's around a certain area. 

Here are the locations!

All 150 Diglett Locations

You will need to find an astonishing 150 Diglett in order to complete this quest. The reward is a perfect IV Alolan Diglett, so it may be worth the risk depending on who you are. went over the locations where Diglett can be found and are to thank for all the lovely screenshots! - be sure to check out their guide to see the locations in visual form.

The community has yet to find all 150 - we will update this page as they're discovered.


On the Isle of Armor, each section contains a number of Diglett. Here's the breakdown:

  • Fields of Honor - 18
  • Soothing Wetlands - 20
  • Forest of Focus - 8
  • Challenge Beach - 9
  • Brawler's Cave - 7
  • Challenge Road - 8
  • Courageous Cavern - 7
  • Loop Lagoon - 7
  • Training Lowlands - 15
  • Warm-Up Tunnel - 3
  • Potbottom Desert - 10
  • Workout Sea - 11
  • Stepping-Stone Sea - 7
  • Insular Seas - 6
  • Honeycalm Sea - 3
  • Honeycalm Island - 11


  • Find 5 Digletts: Level 5 Alolan Meowth with Hidden Ability Rattled
  • Find 10 Digletts: Level 10 Kantonian Slowpoke, holding a King’s Rock, with Hidden Ability Regenerator
  • Find 20 Digletts: Level 5 Alolan Vulpix with Hidden Ability Snow Warning
  • Find 30 Digletts: Level 5 Alolan Sandshrew with Hidden Ability Slush Rush
  • Find 40 Digletts: Level 30 Alolan Raichu
  • Find 50 Digletts: Level 30 Alolan Marowak with Hidden Ability Rock Head
  • Find 75 Digletts: Level 30 Alolan Exeggcutor Hidden Ability Harvest
  • Find 100 Digletts: Level 5 Alolan that correlates to the starter you chose in your game - Rowlet (Long Reach) if you chose Grookey, Litten (Intimidate) if you chose Scorbunny or Popplio (Liquid Voice) if you chose Sobble
  • Find 150 Digletts: A level 20 Alolan Diglett with perfect IVs Hidden Ability Sand Force