Pokemon Sword and Shield: Is A Third DLC Being Released Too?

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We are quickly approaching the release date for the second DLC in the Sword and Shield era.

The Crown Tundra will be coming soon, and although Nintendo has been quiet in recent months; there is a new rumor regarding the future of Pokemon.


Could we see another DLC in the Sword andShield lifespan? 

Here's what we know!



For quite some time there has been an on-going rumor that the Galar Region and the Kalos Region are somehow linked.


Fans have pointed to the geography of the two regions, along with the train that plays a pivotal role in both games. 

There has been so much speculation that over a year ago before the game was released, fans crafted this mega theory.

Now, Twitter user @Pualitics has posted and since deleted the following tweet: 

  • Suspicious train on world map
  • UK and france are close geographically
  • Kalos has a lot of open ends which need explaining
  • Masuda said there'd be a big postgame
  • "Yep, its Kalos time"

Although it is a grain of salt; a return to the Kalos Region would be a nice change of pace that Sword and Shield desperately needs.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any Nintendo news in the coming months; as we expect something!