Pokemon Sword and Shield: How To Make The Best Curry Tutorial

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One of the newest features in Pokemon Sword and Shield is the ability to set up camps throughout the Routes in the game and the new Wild Area.

Everyone needs to take a break from filling out their Pokedex, conquering gyms and hunting the legendaries Zacian And Zamazenta; now you can relax at your camp with your Pokemon.


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In these base camps, players have the option to indulge in their own curry, after mixing some berries and preparing it correctly.

There are certain ranks for how well you prepare your curry, so we'll give you the best tips and tricks to get the best rank!

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Rare Berries

One of the ways to obtain berries in the game, is to shake a tree until you think it'll be enough, before the Pokemon nestled in the tree will come down and eat them all! To see which berries you own is the rarest just sort your inventory by rarity.

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Don't Fan/Stir Too Much!

One of the common misconceptions that a lot of trainers, including ourselves had, was that we must stir and fan as much as possible to try and get the best curry. This couldn't be more false, in order to get the best results while fanning the flames, you need to fan fast enough so that they are barely touching the pot.


The same goes with stirring your pot, do not stir so much that the curry is overflowing. Do it enough so you'll see little sparkles above your pot which will mean your right on the sweet spot.


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Make Sure To Use Love!

The last part of cooking curry is perhaps the oddest, you have to put some love into your dish much like regular cooking. However, at first it is hard to tell when the perfect timing is to put your love into the dish. 

Your are going to want to aim for the lighter green circle, keep in mind that the heart does take some time to travel so press A when it is in the darker circle for best results! 


And there you go! The step by step guide into how to make the best curry, now you can impress your Pokemon with your cooking skills and get those top chef badges.


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Written By Nick Farrell@NickChris_