Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Morpeko Tutorial

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One of the new characters introduced during Pokemon Sword and Shield and the reason Team Yell exists is Marine, a fellow trainer also partaking in the gym challenge who has a very special bond with one Pokemon.

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That Pokemon is, of course, Morpeko, the small Pokemon can be deceived at first but it has the ability to pack a punch.


Here are our tips and tricks on how to get Morpeko and how you can change it's from normal mode to Hangry mode, while in battle!

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Finding Morpeko

Morpeko can be encountered like any ordinary Pokemon, it does not require a special breeding combination or a certain interaction with an NPC to acquire it. If you are looking to find Morpeko you can head to either Route 7 or 9, and you can also head to the Lake of Outrage where you will find it at LVL 50 and above. 


The encounter rate at both of these Routes is rather slim at only 5%, so finding Morpeko may require some patience on your side of things. 

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Hangry Form

The unique feature of Morpeko is the fact that it has two separate modes depending on how it feels during battle.

You may have noticed when battling Marnie that her Morpeko turns purple and rather sinister-looking after you hit it with an attack.


This form is Morpeko's Hangry form and it occurs during a battle between turns if Morpeko is hungry or not. If it does switch into this form it gains some additional stats along.

There is no secret item that you need to attach in order for it change.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_