Pokemon Sword and Shield: How To Get More Money Tips And Tricks

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Pokemon Sword And Shield has many customisable aspects to it such as uniforms, hairstyles, movesets and items. These things cost money, traditionally you can obtain money by battling opponents and selling items that you find on your travels.

Here are our tips and tricks to help you earn more money, so you can splash the cash on your character and Pokemon.


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Amulet Coin

Introduced in past Pokemon Games, the Amulet Coin is an item to be held by a Pokemon in your party.


If you win a battle or catch a Pokemon with the Amulet Coin held by your current Pokemon, you will get double the money you normally would. 

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To find the Amulet Coin in Sword and Shield you are going to head to Motostoke Outskirts which is the area right outside of the Galar Mine No 2 just a tad west of the actual city.

Once there, head to the sign right by the mine entrance and look for the shiny object on the ground-and boom, an Amulet Coin.


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Poke Jobs

One of the newest features in Sword and Shield is the ability to send your Pokemon on jobs.

Much like the anime when we see Machamps constructing a building, you can interact with any Poke box in Pokemon Centers and you can browse the various jobs available for you. 



How long and what kind of job will result in different paydays for you and your Pokemon but this is a convenient way for you to make some cash and not have to anything extra.

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Battle Trainers

This should go without saying, try not to avoid NPC's in the game as they are rather easy throughout the game and you will always make some extra cash by defeating them!



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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_