Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Galarian Ponyta Tutorial

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Pokemon Sword And Shield reintroduces old Pokemon with a new form, specific to the Galarian region. The latest Pokemon to get a makeover is the generation one fire-type Pokemon Ponyta.

As one of the original dominate fire-type Pokemon this makeover was long overdue and its new form is one of the best regional forms they have ever introduced. 


Unfortunately for some trainers, Galarian Ponyta is not available. Here are our tips and tricks to obtaining Galarian Ponyta.

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What's So Cool About Ponyta?


For those who are unaware, Ponyta was one of the original fire-type Pokemon from generation one, along with its evolved form Rapidash; they were always seen in the anime and a majority of Pokemon-related content.

The theme of the Galarian forms of Sword and Sheild, has been recreating some of the generation one star, Pokemon such as Meowth, Ponyta, and Mr. Mine.

Ponyta's new form is a psychic type, instead of its traditional fire-type and can only be found in Pokemon Shield!

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Where Do I Find It? 

Ponyta can only be found in Pokemon Shield, so if you are a Pokemon Sword player, you can only obtain it via trade so sorry!

If you have shield you can find Ponyta in Glimwood Tangle, which is the mysterious forest on your way to challenge Opal. 


Once there you can encounter Ponyta in the grass via a random encounter but only at 10%.encouter rate. If you are able to catch Ponyta, it will evolve into Rapidash at LVL 40 and there you go! 

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_