Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Evolve Milcery to Alcremie Tutorial

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With Pokemon Sword and Shield finally in players hands, many trainers will want to figure out how to evolve Milcery into Alcremie.

This new and delicious looking Pokemon is new to the world of Pokemon and unique to the region of Galar.


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Milcery has a very unique evolution technique required to evolve it into an Alcremie, so here's our walkthrough to help you obtain it!


Key Ingredients 


In order to proceed with this evolution, you are going to need a Milcery.

Milcery can be found within Route 4 in the grass with a 20% chance of appearing, or you can make your way to the Giant's Mirror section of the wild area, where it also resides.


Besides the obvious Milcery, you are also going to need some sort of 'sweet" item.


These are brand new to Pokemon Sword and Shield and can be obtained by completing a battle at the Battle Cafes in certain cities around Galar.

We recommend getting it from Motostoke City as this one will have the lowest level Pokemon.

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Evolving It

Now that you have the key components needed to evolve Micery, you're ready to evolve it.


Evolving Milcery is a one of a kind tactic, adding Milcery to your party after you catch it should be the first thing on your list.

Give it one of the sweets that you have won from the Battle Cafe.

Immediately after doing so, you want to spin your left analog stick in a circle until your character strikes a pose, and boom, Milcery will evolve.


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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_