Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Choose A Stadium In Online Battles

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A Pokemon Sword and Shield player discovered you can actually pick which stadium to fight in within online matches.

Here's what we know!


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How To Choose A Stadium In Online Battles

EzequielGl on Reddit discovered you can pick which stadium to battle it out in!

In the newest Pokemon title, we saw the introduction of League Cards (they track your progress throughout the game), you can edit these cards at Poke Centers and you can customise your profile image.


EzequielGl showed that you can actually change which stadium you battle in by editing the cards.

"If you choose the background of a specific location you can Dynamax in, then that place will be set as one of the possible stadiums the online battle will take place in." he then stated which locations this works for, "All gyms except for Spikemuth, the Battle Tower and the Master Dojo. If the background isn't related to any of those locations, then your selected stadium will be the normal one."

He also said that you have a 50/50 chance of getting the stadium on your card because your opponent's card location may be selected instead.

If you're bored of the same stadiums all the time, jazz up your League Card a bit!