Pokemon Sword And Shield Gameplay: First Town In Sword And Shield For Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Sword and Shield has given us snippets of gameplay since its announcement and as we approach the release date we've been given a glimpse of the first town. Although it is far from the most exciting part of the game and wont feature anything cool like Legendaries, it is still great to get an idea of how the game will play.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield First Town

The Pokémon Secret Member Club has uploaded some footage of the first town in Sword & Shield. This footage is similar to the footage shown at Gamescom earlier this year but does feature some new background music from the game.

Unfortunately, we only get to see one Pokemon from the Galar Region Pokedex - Wooloo. It


New Update

Tomorrow at 2pm BST, an update about Pokemon Sword & Shield will be coming. It is unconfirmed what that update will be but it is no doubt going to give us some serious clarity ahead of the full release.

🚨 Galar Research Update 🚨 Show of hands, Trainers: who’s ready for more information on #PokemonSwordShield?📅 October 16, 2019⏰ 6:00 AM PDT⚔️🛡️ pic.twitter.com/xVun4S8eN0
— Ghost-type Pokémon (@Pokemon)
October 15, 2019

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91