Pokemon Sword and Shield Gameplay: Everything We Learned From Eurogamers Playthrough

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Pokemon Sword And Shield news is starting to drop as we grow closer to the release date. Incorporating a colourful Pokedex, with new monsters, Gyms are starting to get some changes to the way they operate as well as the number, as it has greatly been increased according to Game Informer; meaning your Pokemon Sword and Shield starters may change.

With the release date less then a month away now, publication Eurogamer was one of the lucky few to get an exclusive hands on play testing of Sword and Shield. We'll dive into what they thought of Nintendo's latest masterpeice. 

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Wild Area 


For those who do not know, the wild area is one of the newest features coming to Sword and Shield. Similar to the Pokemon Safari in other titles, it allows players to catch numerous amounts of Pokemon that they cannot catch else where. The wild area in Sword and Shield takes up a large portion of the map and is essentially the central hub for catching Pokemon, with diffrent biomes all around it playes are in for a treat when they venture here.

Eurogamer was pleasently pleased with how will thought out the area was, they claimed:

"The significant difference with the Wild Area is, if you wander into the wrong part of it, you'll discover that the wild Pokémon can now be drastically overlevelled. It's a series first, and it honestly feels like the bravest thing Game Freak has done for a little while. You could always dip your toe into the odd higher-level route on the other side of a city, say, but never get caught in battle with a level 50, third-stage evolution 'mon with your starter and a level 6 Pidgey. In Sword and Shield it has a striking effect. It reminds me of some of the oldest games in the series where there was a real element of intimidation from some areas."

This is one of the most interesting things heading into Sword and Shield, it seems Nintendo is moving away from the more casual approach they have adapted over recent years and are finally getting back to their roots. 

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First Rival Battle

If anyone has played any Pokemon game, you are well aware of the first rival battle that typically happens towards the beginning of the game. This battle is the trainers first true test and does offer some sort of challenge depending on how much leveling you do beforehand. 


Eurogamer has claimed that your rival battle this time around has become a bit more challenging then previous itterations. Now, your trainer has two Pokemon rather then one, so players should be well prepared to spam that one attack move we will have. 

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"Unsurprisingly it's by far the most detailed Pokémon world there's been, and the early-game, Vicar of Dibley villages with their Pokémon Center pubs and shrub-lined fields have the kind of twinkly, primary colour palette that reminds me a little of Ni No Kuni. It's still no stirring hills of Breath of the Wild, though, and Sword and Shield's in-engine, unvoiced cutscenes pale somewhat compared to what contemporaries like Fire Emblem: Three Houses are doing with full on anime cinematics."

Eurogamer has had high praise for Nintendo's latest piece of work, it comes as no surprise as we have seen Nintendo's attention to detail in previous Pokemon titles but it seems they have pushed the bar this time around. 

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_