Pokemon Sword and Shield: Fifth Gym Guide for Fairy Type Leader Opal

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Crossing the halfway point in your gym challenge throughout the Galar Region in Pokemon Sword and Shield you will come up against Opal.

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Fairy-type Pokemon are the newest typing in the Pokemon series, introduced last generation, players still have trouble remembering the typing for these Pokemon, which can make Opal's gym one of the toughest.

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Counters For Fairy Types

This typing is indeed one of the strangest, many have noted that is was solely created to pose as another counter to Dragon typing.

As these move types have zero effect on fairy types and they hit for 2X damage when fighting one. There are some useful counters that you can use while challenging these fairy-types, the strongest typings to use are poison and steel.



Some Pokemon that can be useful in this gym challenge are:

  • Koffing - poison-type that can be found in the Motostoke Outskirts section just outside of the Galar Mine No 2.
  • Meowth -this classic Pokemon has received a Galar form so it is now a steel type instead of a normal type and can be found on Route 4. 
  • Toxel - received from the NPC inside the nursery on Route 5 and is one of the strongest poison types in the game.

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Gym Challenge

There isn't really a gym challenge this time around, instead Opal has you "audition" in front of her.

Essentially battling it out with three different trainers and she will interrupt every so often to ask you a simple question, getting this question right will grant you a stat boost for your Pokemon. After you complete these battles, you can face Opal. 

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Specializing in fairy type Pokemon, all of the Pokemon she uses (except her final one) have some sort of dual-typing.

She will begin with a LVL 36 Wheezing, which is a poison/fairy type, followed by a LVL 37 Togekiss and then a LVL 36 Mawile.


Her final Pokemon, which is also the one she will Dynamax, is a LVL 38 Alcremie. Her Dynamax form is a massive cake and has some powerful moves. You may be under leveled for this battle, but this should not pose too much of an issue.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91