Pokemon Sword And Shield: Detective Pikachu Easter Egg Discovered

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With Pokemon Sword & Shield came many adventures.

The title released on the Nintendo Switch and was a hit among the community.

Although it's been out since 2019 a player recently discovered an easter egg.

This easter egg references Detective Pikachu and no one even realised it!

Here's everything we know.

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Sword And Shield x Detective Pikachu Easter Egg

When starting out in Sword & Shield you'll make your way to Hulbury.

Here you'll go against Water Gym Leader Nessa.

Well, when a player explored the village they found something surprising.

aSuspiciousPanda shared the easter egg with others on the r/PokemonSwordAndShield subreddit with a screenshot of an NPC talking about Detective Pikachu.

The image can be found below, it shows the player in front of the Hulbury Pokemon Center, a townie is seen next to them saying “I hear there’s a Pokemon that’s a great detective!”

First time seeing this easter egg!

Of course, this is just an easter egg and doesn't lead to anything or reward the player but it makes your wonder how many other easter eggs are littered in the game.

Other players went on to say how they hadn't seen this before and we're surprised by it!


Apparently, the NPC seen saying it actually says a few different things depending on the day so it's no surprise some players missed this.

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